Angel Olsen + Anna Calvi = Annagel Olcalvisen

Crossbred Songbirds

If you know me at all, then you knew I wasn’t going to be able to resist making these: composite portrait sets of female musicians!

To be clear, the majority of the source faces used belong to artists with whose music I’ve a personal connection at some point in my life, so if you’re wondering why X or Y (I guess in this case, X or X) isn’t represented, it usually just means they and I never clicked (i.e., remotely communed via repeatedly played pre-recorded audio), or, in some other cases, it means I just couldn’t find enough (or any) decent source images of their faces.

I started off the first set (arbitrarily limited to 10 images at a clip due to Instagram) using Midjourney’s /blend command to combine only 2 pictures together: one of each woman. But it quickly began to feel more difficult than it should have been to find consistent, high-quality pix of most of these ladies’ faces, so to compensate, I evolved my technique, which now uses 3 to 4 images of each woman and 2 generations of blending for a better final result. Which means that (sigh) yes, I am gradually going back and re-doing some of the weaker 2-image ones.

I’m going to limit that backtracking as best I can, and try to primarily keep moving forward though, cause there are still quite a few pairings to plow through before I can consider myself “done” with this particular effort. I mean, due to its very nature (and the idiosyncrasies of my own memory), it may never be fully complete, but once I hit 200 blends, there will likely no longer be sets of 10 dropping at once, or, if they do, they won’t drop nearly as often. In any case, all the latest versions that I have published will always be added to the slideshow on this post, so come back and revisit for more imaginary winners of the virtual genetic lottery!

These are also all on the inhumantouch Tumblr page (mostly posted during April and May 2023), as well as in the Crossbred Songbirds gallery on my DeviantArt page. There, you’ll have to sign up and “watch” me to see that gallery, but if you like to look at art in general (deviant or not), it’s far from the worst step you could take.

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