Composite Portraits are GO!

I’ve always loved composite portraits, & this week I FINALLY learned the right way to make my own with Midjourney (not “/imagine”, but “/blend”). This simple solution eluded me for months, obscured by the near-daily barrage of new info about all these AI imaging tools. But now that I know, I can have MORE fun with faces, starting with REAL ones this time!

Midjourney lets you blend up to 5 sources, but the following 10 images are all blends of mostly 2 (and occasionally 3) famous women per image. Can you guess who got blended into which new face? It’s not always easy, as I’ve noticed these composites will oddly often end up resembling OTHER famous faces who weren’t even included in the blend. So I will include some hints, but if you want to start guessing without help, avoid scrolling too far below the slideshow…

  1. 2 actresses, both “it girls” in their respective eras. One hit her stride in 2004, only to subsequently fall from grace in the public eye, while the other attained her fame in 2018-19 and is still gaining ground.
  2. 3 actresses who all played significant characters on a massively popular NSFW fantasy series.
  3. This one should be easy: both actresses were in a beloved late 90’s movie about a seedier side of the 70’s & 80’s.
  4. 2 ladies, both won a Best Actress Oscar in the 2000’s, after which each immediately signed on to headline their own big-budget action movie, both of which were terrible, huge bombs.
  5. 3 women who starred together in an early 2000’s cinematic reboot of a 1970’s TV show.
  6. 2 women who began their film careers together in a 1994 drama based on a real-life 1954 crime story.
  7. 2 women who portrayed the same character 3 decades apart: in the early 1990’s and the early 2020’s (crossover hint: one of them is currently starring in a series with one of the correct answers for #6).
  8. Another easy one (at least for genre fans): both of these actresses slayed.
  9. These 2 pop music superstars have no need for surnames.
  10. The 2 female leads of a recently-concluded series whose final season disappointed its fans at least as much as the show in #2.

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